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This is an official request for an aspect of the Granville County Register of Deeds Vital Record. The information contained in this request should be considered private. Please complete all information in full and then finalize the order process through payment of the 'order fee'.

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If you were born PRIOR to 1971 you must order your birth certificate directly from your County Of Birth.

You should NOT request a copy of a birth certificate from the Statewide Birth Certificate Issuance Program if ANY of the following conditions apply:

  • You do not have the correct facts of birth (correct name, year of birth, and mother's maiden name)
  • The individual was adopted {Note: Copies of certificates of adoptee should be requested from the State Vital Records Office in Raleigh. Original copies of birth certificates of adoptee are sealed in accordance with state law and cannot be provided to requestors; new copies of adopter's birth certificate are available only to adoptee and their immediate adoptive family members. Copies are not legally available to birth parents.}
  • You want an image copy of the complete birth certificate rather than an abstract copy. An abstract copy will show only child's name, gender, date and county of birth, certificate number, parents' names, parents birth dates, parents' birthplaces, date the birth was registered, and date the copy of certificate was issued. {Note: Image copies of birth certificates, which show additional information about the birth (other than medical and health information) should be requested form the State Vital Records Office in Raleigh.}
  • The individual's birth was registered as a delayed birth registration (more than one year after the date of the birth). {Note: copies of birth certificates of individuals whose births were registered more than one year after the face should be requested from the Vital Records Office in Raleigh or from the appropriate office inthe county in which the birth occurred.}
  • Either of both parents listed on the certificate were born in a country other than the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands or Cuba. {Note: Other countries are not programmed into the database.}
  • You are not willing to pay $14 to each search performed by the system. (Additional copies of the same certificate are $15 each) {Note: Copies of birth certificates may be obtained for lesser fees from the appropriate office in the county in which the birth occurred, unless the individual was adopted. In that case, North Carolina law stipulates who is legally entitled to a copy of the record (See bullet 2 above).}

By entering the name of the county below and proceeding with the check out, you acknowledge that you understand the facts and conditions stated above.

Out of county document requests will have an additional $14.00 fee.

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I have enclosed the correct fees and understand that they are nonrefundable. I understand that an incomplete form will not be processed and will be considered closed after expiration of the 30 day notification window. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
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